Transforming Parent experience and customer service for a Leading International School

In the dynamic field of education, where the demand for personalised, efficient communication is paramount, our AI automation agency recently partnered with a prestigious international school. This article narrates the transformative journey we embarked upon with our esteemed client, detailing their unique educational ethos, the challenges they faced, the innovative AI solution our agency provided, and the impressive results that ensued.

Meet Our Client

Our distinguished client is an international school, offering a multicultural and bilingual learning environment to 3,000 students, from elementary through high school. 

Set on a sprawling 30-acre campus, the school prides itself on its ‘Student first’ approach, delivering top-tier education at a competitive price. 

Catering mainly to affluent parents, the school’s commitment extends beyond academic excellence to include responsive, personalised communication across multiple channels.

Background and Challenges

Before embarking on a transformative journey with our agency, the school grappled with a significant customer service challenge. 

Its various departments, including Admissions, Marketing and Communication, Finance, and IT, were inundated with a staggering volume of queries coming from the parents- approximately 150 emails, 100 phone calls, and numerous WhatsApp messages daily. 

Despite having a comprehensive website, the complexity and abundance of information often left parents confused, leading them to directly contact the school’s departments for answers to common queries. 

This overwhelming influx not only strained the school’s resources but also risked compromising the quality of response and service expected by their high-profile clientele.

Our Agency’s Solution

In response to these challenges, our agency, specializing in AI automation, stepped in to revolutionize the school’s customer service and parents experience. We developed and implemented a custom AI-powered virtual agent, seamlessly integrated to the school website with automation capabilities. This innovative solution was designed to:

  • Respond to Parent Queries: The virtual agent efficiently handles the majority of standard questions regarding school operations, scholarships, fees, and facilities, ensuring quick and accurate responses.
  • Guide Through the Website: It assists parents in navigating the school’s website, addressing the issue of complexity and information overload.
  • Direct Communication: The agent can intelligently redirect parents to the appropriate department if their query requires specialized attention.
  • Automated Information Dissemination: Key information and event updates, like open houses, are automatically communicated to parents, enhancing engagement and participation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Results

The implementation of this AI-powered solution has led to remarkable improvements, quantifiable through several key performance indicators:

  • Reduction in Query Volume: There has been a significant decrease in direct queries to the school’s departments, allowing staff to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Increased Website Engagement: Enhanced guidance has led to more efficient use of the website by parents.
  • Positive Feedback from Parents: The ease of obtaining information and navigating the school’s services has markedly improved parent satisfaction.


This collaboration between our AI automation agency and this international school exemplifies the power of technology in transforming the educational landscape.

By prioritising efficiency, accuracy, and personalization in communication, the school has not only upheld but elevated its commitment to putting students and their families first.

This success story is a testament to the potential of AI and automation in enhancing institutional operations and customer service in the education sector.